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Running Guns-- The Global Black Market in Small Arms.

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Produced by NISAT/ PRIO and published by Zed, this book describes the meaning, methods and impact of the black-market traffic in guns. It outlines many policy measures that States should take to effectively diminish the trade.

Running Guns
The Global Black Market in Small Arms
edited by Lora Lumpe
International Peace Research Institute, Oslo/
Norwegian Initiative on Small Arms Transfers

Whether in Africa, Sri Lanka, Chechnya or Afghanistan, it is not heavy weaponry or hi-tech devices that kill the most people, but the flood of cheap, easy to get, small arms that has swept over so many countries in the 1980s and 90s. Much of this cross-border arms trade is illegal. So much so that several governments are now pressing for rapid negotiation of a new global treaty on illegal trafficking in small arms.

This important and readable new book seeks to advance our understanding of the illegal arms traffic. What precisely is involved? How is it conducted? Who are the players? What are the impacts? What needs to be done?

Written by those with a deep knowledge of the situation, this book is a fascinating, highly informative and policy-relevant investigation into an issue potentially affecting almost all of us and about which far too little is known.

Thorvald Stoltenberg
Preface and Acknowledgments
Introduction to Gun Running--
Lora Lumpe, Sarah Meek and R.T. Naylor

Anatomy of a Shady Deal--
Brian Johnson-Thomas
What's Legal? What's Illegal?--
Emanuela-Chiara Gillard

Government Gun-running to Guerrillas--
Lucy Mathiak and Lora Lumpe
Manufacturing Trends: Globalising the Source--
Pete Abel
Domestic Gun Markets: The Licit-Illicit Links--
Wendy Cukier and Steve Shropshire

Making the Deal and Moving the Goods: Brokers and Shippers--
Brian Wood and Johan Peleman
Gunsmoke and Mirrors: Financing the Illegal Trade--
R.T. Naylor

Combating Arms Trafficking: Progress and Prospects--
Sarah Meek
Law Enforcement and International Gun Trafficking--
Ted Leggett

Summary of Recommendations
Glossary of Terms
About the Authors

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